ALT F50 Curtain Walling

ALT F50 is a curtain wall façade and roof system that offers unlimited creative freedom and allows maximum entrance of light into the building. The system offers different individual styles with various outside appearances.

Any combination of vertical and inclined planes is possible together with the integration of different types of vents. The extensive range offers technical solutions for the different performance requirements of a façade such as fireproof, structural glazing and high insulating solutions.

Product information

Internal visible width 50 mm
External visible width 50 mm
Back member width 12–270 mm
Glazing thickness From 4 to 56 mm
Maximum capacity 500 kg
Glass fixing method Pressure plates and caps
Types of the opening elements All ALT window and door systems, integrated façade windows and smoke removal hatches
Thermal conductivity Group 1.0, Uf = 0,6 – 1,8 W/m2K by standards EN ISO 10077-2:2008

Structural glazing system ALT F50 SG

The SG52 Curtain Walling System is a high performance structurally bonded system. This aluminium curtain walling system enables specifiers to create impressive continual expanses of glass that not only enhance the aesthetics of a building but also provide the functionality and performance required to meet and exceed current standards.
Semi-structural glazing system ALT F50 SSG. Imitation of structural glazing
Almost invisible moldings are used. Plain, glass adjoining profiles create the illusion of structural glazing. This option of curtain walling is much more cost effective than choosing the structurally glazed curtain wall option & visually the F50 SGG gives you the look of a structurally glazed curtain wall.

Integrated windows «Hidden sash» type ALT F50

This solution provides possibility to manufacture integrated outward opening windows.
ALT F50 Smoke removal hatch
(R≈ 1 m2∙°С/Wt) These windows are installed onto inclined facades and used to equalize pressure inside and outside of buildings, and to provide ventilation and smoke removal.