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10 Reasons to Choose Alutech Bifolds


Aluminium bifolding doors are increasingly becoming a must-have for UK homeowners, creating a visually stunning and practical addition to any modern property. Our BF73 system of Single doors, French doors and Bifold doors, stand out from competition. It can add huge property value with its efficient thermal performance and slim profile sections to minimise visible framework and maximise the glass area.

But these aren’t the only reasons you should choose Alutech Systems for all your bifold needs. In this article, we give you not one, not two, but ten(!) reasons why Alutech bifold doors are the best choice for your business.


  1. Light

The beauty of the BF73 system is in its potential to transform an entire wall space into glazing – allowing natural light to flood into a property which, here in the UK, we take as much as we can get. Large glazing can also conserve energy via increased solar gain, as maximising direct sunlight into your home can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and light a space.

With sash sizes up to 3000 mm high or up to 1200 mm wide, Alutech Systems bifolds can provide optimal lighting to both commercial and domestic properties. They help exploit light and views to the maximum, whilst offering outstanding levels of thermal performance.


  1. Space

Increased natural light also makes an area feel more spacious by lighting up shadier areas. Many homeowners opt for glass doors (either sliding or bifolding) to make their homes’ smaller rooms look and feel bigger.

What is more, as bifolds fold back against themselves, concertina-style, they offer great space-saving alternatives to a property. External opening bifolds also provide the opportunity to place furniture in front of the doors without obstructing access to the outside, further enhancing the space within a room.



Bi-folds are a great way to incorporate the outside into a space by opening up an entire wall space, effectively extending an interior to the outside. Our 120mm sightlines are one of the slightest available, placing our BF73 as slimmer than 68% of bifold systems on the market, ensuring panoramic outside views all year round.

This is also achieved thanks to aluminium’s excellent machinability; this metal is easy to use for the fabrication of door and window frames with modern, slim lines and great attention to detail. That’s why it is considered the metal of choice for doors, windows and even curtain walling!



  1. Flexibility

Our BF73 system is available in up to 7 leaves each way (14 total) allowing for the largest possible openings. To suit the specific application, the door leaf can operate from either the left or right of the opening, inward or outward. Our bifolding doors come in 5 standard finishes available from stock or in any RAL colour or dual colour at request.

Moreover, with four different sizes of sub cills and an extensive range of hardware available in different colours and finishes, greater flexibility is granted to both the homeowner and installer, helping you create the perfect bifold to meet any specific requirement.


  1. Security

Aluminium’s balance of malleability and strength allows us to shape our systems to our customers’ needs while ensuring strength and security. Our BF73 system incorporates dedicated shoot bolt intermediate locks operated by low projection handles and a traditional lever 3-point dead latch and hook lock. Numerous bifold panels create a multiple locking system, which has gained security PAS 24 accreditation – making our system secure to potential break-ins and establishing confidence in homeowners.

More specifically, the AluLock is the ultimate, comprehensive security kit available exclusively for Alutech customers, providing top security accessories for doors. It combines a euro profile cylinder, with an option to upgrade to the Ultion 3 star barrel, with the Brisant Sweet Handle and an exclusively designed Duplex Double Hook Lock.


  1. Durability

Aluminium framing is built to last and is effectively resistant to corrosion. Our systems are finished in a thick powder coating, which obtains a dense finish that is more durable and longer-lasting than the conventional paint used in many PVC installations. The BF73 weather rating has been tested and meets the latest weather rating accreditation.

Our practically maintenance-free aluminium doors are easy to clean due to large frame sizes and, unlike timber, won’t need painting or staining to maintain weather-proofing. Furthermore, our sash gaskets overlap the system’s outer frame, both at the top and bottom. This increases the outside weather seal when wind pressure is applied.


  1. Design

Slimline frames create an ultra-modern and contemporary look to any property. Our systems are available in powder-coated finish options of single or dual colours. Because powder coating does not have a liquid carrier, it can produce a thicker coverage than conventional liquid coatings without running or sagging, allowing your bifolds to remain sleek and attractive for years to come.

Furthermore, our thermally broken 20 mm low threshold option doesn’t only help prevent trip hazards, but it actually creates an uber flushed look, seamlessly transitioning an interior space to the outside. Our slimline hinges blend with 10 mm gasket gaps, making for a polished and contemporary door finish.



  1. Operation

Using engineered grade running rollers ensures a silky smooth opening and closing operation even with large, heavy panes of glass. Our single inline roller system distributes the weight of the door evenly, straight through the hinge roller on the track. Our roller system can withstand weight loads of up to 120kg making it possible for large glass units to be applied all while maintaining an easy opening.


  1. Fabrication and Installation

Our system’s adjustable jamb enables fitting and fabrication flexibility, making for a carefree fabrication and installation. Doors can, hence, be adjusted on-site in case of door droppage. Our above ground roller system also permits easy fabrication by fitting above ground and makes maintenance and cleaning the track a lot more accessible for end-users.

Finally, we also offer full set up training support to all our new customers, making the fabrication and installation process as smooth as possible. Check out our popular series of Fabrication Training Videos on YouTube.


  1. Energy Efficiency

Last but not least, Alutech bifolding door’s insulation value of 1.4 U W/m2k for double glazing and 1.2 U W/m2k for triple glazing ensures supreme thermal efficiency and energy saving properties. Available in different glazing options, our BF73 system is fitted with a thermal block to improve and control indoor temperatures. Energy efficiency is reinforced by the increased natural light bifolds can bring into a property, as using natural sources to light a space can effectively cut bill costs and reduce a user’s carbon footprint. So, if you’re wondering “Are bifold doors sustainable?” the answer is YES.


Alutech Systems is the sole UK distributor for one of the largest extruders of aluminium systems in the world. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding design and specification to make our products stand out from other manufacturers. The BF73 bifolding door can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. Designed for the aesthetics and insulation requirements of a home, with outstanding durability and reliability of a commercial application.


For more information on our BF73 bifolding door system view our product selection. Or get in touch with our friendly sales team on 01924 350110 or at to find out how Alutech Systems can benefit you.

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