12 Common Marketing Mistakes Made By Fabrications Firms

The fabrication industry is full of brilliant people doing great work for their clients, but few ever reach their full potential from a sales and marketing point of view. This article will highlight some of the most common reasons why, and those that follow will address each with simple and actionable solutions.

  1. They believe brand only matters for the really large fabrication companies – It is not a coincidence that large fabrication companies tend to be the ones that take their brands seriously!
  2. They believe brand is about how something looks – That is at most 20% of brand. Brand is every moment of every interaction that every person has with your business – internal or external. It is how you walk, talk and act, the service you provide, the materials you use and the impression you make, first moment to last.
  3. They draw a distinction between online and offline – It’s 2019. The world exists online and so must your marketing. However, offline engagement is still critical, and your messaging needs to be consistent across both. They are simply different channels but must both flow from one strategy.
  4. They think that social media is a waste of time – Social media is your number one route for promoting content and can also be a powerful lead generation tool. It is where your audience is active and they expect you to meet them there.
  5. OR they think that social media is the solution to all their problems – Social media is simply a vehicle for communicating your brand and content, but you don’t own those social platforms and so any presence you build on them is not really an asset. If Facebook decide to rise the cost of advertising or LinkedIn shuts its doors, there’s nothing you can do about that. There are in fact only two things you own online – your website and your email list, and your social activity should therefore be measured in its ability to either grow those two real assets, or generate short term ROI to the business.
  6. They think influencers are all on instagram – Influencers are just people who can impact the behaviour of others and they exist in every market. The fabrication industry is no exception and your strategy needs them.
  7. They don’t allocate any budget to social media promotion – In which case you may as well not bother investing in content in the first place.
  8. They create content that they find interesting, rather than content that their audience finds interesting – They talk endlessly about themselves and then wonder why people aren’t engaged. You must begin on your customer’s terms, and work back to find the intersection between your world and theirs. This is true of any conversion and the online world is no exception.
  9. They don’t understand the numbers – Few fabrication companies know how much a customer is worth to them in profit or what their conversion rate is, which means they have no idea how much they can afford to spend on advertising to generate leads in a profitable way.
  10. They underspend on their marketing – In manufacturing you should probably be spending 4-5% of what you intend to be turning over in 12 months from now. Few fabrication firms ever allocate a dedicated budget to marketing, and if they do it will likely be based on where they are today rather than where they would like to be in a year from now.
  11. They have no idea what success looks like – few fabrication companies are clear on the metrics they are monitoring online, and even fewer have all the necessary tracking in place.
  12. The greatest mistake of all… They don’t have clear organisational values – Everything a business does, including all of its marketing, is merely a consequence of people. Get the people and culture right, and the rest will take care of itself.

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