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Aluminium Bifold Doors: Your questions answered


Are you considering installing bifolding doors into your home, but confused by contradictory information you received? Do you wish for a nearly uninterrupted view of your garden all year round, but are concerned about making such a big change on your property? In this article, you will read some common questions, myths and truths about aluminium bifold doors so you can make an informed decision.


Are aluminium bifold doors thermally efficient?

Double and triple-glazed bifolding doors provide excellent insulation, reducing the amount of heat transfer from your house to the cold outer air. During the hot summer days, instead, they are designed to keep the heat outside. As a result, due to the high thermal insulation that they provide, bifolds can actually help reduce your energy bills.


Are aluminium bifold doors secure?

In general, bifold doors benefit from having multi-point locking mechanisms, offering more security than doors with just one locking system in place. More specifically, the Alulock is an exclusive to Alutech, double-hook locking system which provides a 6-point locking system. It is extremely robust but also allows for effortless operation, making the Alutech BF73 bifolding doors among the most secure in the market.


Are aluminium bifolds only suitable for large houses?

Alutech Systems’ aluminium bifolding doors are available in an impressive range of sizes, configurations and number of panes, meaning that they are perfectly suited to fit any space, however large or small.


Do aluminium bifold doors last a long time?

Aluminium is the metal of choice for doors, as it is extremely resistant to corrosion from all the elements of weather. Aluminium door frames do not normally swell or split over time, even if they are perpetually exposed to extreme weather conditions. Moreover, this metal becomes even more corrosion-resistant when powder coated. Alutech Systems’ high-quality aluminium bifold doors offer the best reliability due to their strength and resistance to scratches and fading colour, guaranteeing that they can be maintained in perfect condition for years to come.


Are you intrigued? If you are still having doubts or questions, we are here to help you. Get in touch with our friendly sales team on 01924 350110 or at to find out what Alutech Systems can do for you.


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