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Alutech Bio-Colour Coating

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our perception and standard of public hygiene worldwide. Public health advice stresses the importance of washing hands and deep-cleaning surfaces to reduce the risk of becoming infected. Leading to a shift in focus on cleaning conditions, which has been essential in the reopening of workplaces, schools and public spaces.

Modern day living, busy lifestyles and public commuting presents an ideal breeding ground for a wide variety of microbes to establish colonies and grow on almost every surface we touch. Cleaning surfaces can help prevent this growth however, microbes will continue to multiply on surfaces in between cleans. This is where Alutech’s antimicrobial BIO-coating comes in, working to protect profile surfaces against microbial growth.

We have teamed up with AkzoNobel to ensure that our profile’s powder coating performs to the very highest antimicrobial standards. Meeting all the protective and aesthetic features of powder coating along with antimicrobial properties. Alutech Bio-colour coating will provide an additional level of protection against microbial growth on the coating’s surface. Making surfaces easier to keep hygienically clean while helping prevent odours, stains, and material deterioration. Providing 24-hour protection against microbes, UV and corrosion. Our systems, hence, ensure both safety and durability, lasting for many years with minimal maintenance.

Because powder coating does not have a liquid carrier, it can produce thicker coverage than conventional liquid coatings without running or sagging. Alutech profile systems are safe, durable, stylish and constantly evolving. We offer a wide choice of colour solutions for aluminium profile systems with AkzoNobel antimicrobial technology. Including standard RAL colours as well as special colours available at request.

Compared to standard paint, powder coatings contain no solvents and releases little to no amount of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. Powder overspray can also be retrieved and reused making this coating process environmentally-friendly and at reduced waste. This fact, along with its energy-saving thermal properties and long-lasting life, makes our bio-colour powder coating not only safer but also greener than standard paint jobs.

Alutech’s plant is equipped with an automated horizontal powder coating line for aluminium and steel parts with automatic temperature adjustment and polymerization process control. Allowing for rapid colour change and an even and high-quality coating. For more information on our range of aluminium systems visit our product range page or give one of our friendly sales representatives a call on 01924 350 110.


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