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Are aluminium doors better than uPVC?


Aluminium is the most abundant metal on the planet – but what makes it the material of choice for doors, windows and even curtain walling? And furthermore, what makes it a better choice compared to the also popular, but often cheaper, uPVC? Whether you are a door and window fabricator, installer, or homeowner, you might be wondering if aluminium is the best metal to use.

Aluminium’s balance of malleability and strength allows us to shape our systems to our customers’ needs while ensuring security and durability. Need more convincing? Keep reading to discover all the benefits of this extraordinary material.



When you think of aluminium, your first thought may not go to strength. Your empty cola can isn’t exactly hard to crush, and kitchen foil would lose all its purpose if it were inflexible! And yet, when fabricated with the purpose of strength, aluminium can be stronger than you may have first thought, and is more malleable than other typically strong materials such as steel. This makes aluminium the ideal metal of choice when fabricating custom-designed sleek and strong windows and doors.

When alloyed with other elements such as manganese, silicon, copper and magnesium, aluminium becomes an extremely strong material. What is more, the strength of aluminium increases the colder it gets, meaning that aluminium windows, doors and curtain walling systems can easily cope with UK’s coldest winter temperatures.

If we want to make a direct comparison, aluminium tends to be stronger than uPVC. That means that aluminium bifold doors can be designed to have a slimmer appearance, and a larger glass surface area thanks to the frames’ strength. More specifically, because aluminium is a stronger material than uPVC, thinner frames can handle the same amount of weight of the glass. As a result, thinner frames leave the door looking cleaner, without ever compromising on security!


Light Weight

uPVC is known for being a very light-weight material and, therefore, uPVC doors are quite quick and easy to install. However, weighting just 2.7 g/cm3 (around one third of the weight of steel), aluminium is also one of the lightest metals available in the market. This makes the work of a manufacturer or installer much easier, as well as being ideal for door and window frames since it makes them easier to maintain through years of everyday use.


Long Lasting

Although uPVC doors can have a long lifespan, they are not as long-lasting compared to aluminium frames. For example, exposure to extreme temperatures may eventually warp the plastic. This can lead to problems both from an aesthetic and practical point of view.

On the other hand, aluminium is a naturally more robust material, and its strength means that with some regular care and maintenance, your aluminium doors should last much longer than standard uPVC frames. What is more, aluminium is extremely resistant to corrosion from all the elements of weather; aluminium doors do not normally degrade over time, when exposed to extreme weather conditions, as is normal here in the UK. Finally, this metal becomes even more corrosion-resistant when powder coated, which is something we do here at Alutech Systems.



While architecture trends and styles continue to change every year, aluminium doors have become a steady choice for most designers. That is mainly because doors are very versatile and offer great flexibility – for instance, they can be sprayed any colour and designed to match any building, from the most modern to a more classic one.

Alutech Systems’ aluminium doors offer a wide range of colours to match the unique style of your property!



Easy to shape into a Frame

As said before, Aluminium’s balance of malleability and strength allows to shape our systems to our customers’ needs. But exactly how easy is it to shape aluminium into a frame?

The answer is simple – it is extremely easy! When compared to other materials, aluminium stands out for its ease of fabrication of door and window frames with modern, slim lines and great attention to detail. Additionally, because of its strength, this metal can be shaped into exceptionally slim frames, for slimmer sightlines and a wider, more impressive view!


Environmentally Friendly

Lastly, one great benefit of aluminium for the environment is that it is a fully sustainable, completely and infinitely recyclable material. Recycling aluminium is quite simple; the procedure merely requires melting the metal, and it involves only 5% of the original energy used to create it. In fact, around 75% of all Aluminium ever made is still in use! If you are a friend of the environment, this alone is good enough a reason to prefer aluminium over any other material.

And if you need another reason, aluminium doors have a high thermal performance, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for any home. In other words, they aren’t only good for the environment but will also allow for home and business owners to significantly save on bills!



After reading all of this, you might be left wondering why uPVC is even an option compared to aluminium. There’s a very specific reason why not everyone has made the switch to aluminium, and that is its price. Compared with PVC, Aluminium has typically been a pricier option, less so in recent years with more manufacturers offering aluminium products.

If you’re undecided between a uPVC and an aluminium door, it might help if you bear in mind that when it comes to maintenance, the cost of aluminium doors is close to nothing. Aluminium doors’ low maintenance and durability make them a great investment in the long term, typically much outlasting its uPVC counterparts.


Our aluminium, CWCT tested systems are designed to provide the best possible performance, both technically and with ease of installation and fabrication. With its exceptional strength, durability and flexibility there’s no reason not to use aluminium for your fabrication needs. For more information on what Alutech Systems can do for you, give us a call on 01924 350110 or email

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