Bifold or Sliding? Which door is best for your home?

Are you a door fabricator, installer, or simply a homeowner?

When it comes to doors, safety and functionality are the two most important factors – however, an elegant and modern design is also essential, especially to homeowners who want to enhance their living space.

Bi-folding Doors and Sliding Doors can both be safe, practical and aesthetically pleasing. But which is the best choice for your property or business?

Below you will read some of the pros and cons of each door style to help you make up your mind.


Bi-fold Doors

The first, most obvious upside of bifolding doors is that they can open out completely, offering wider and clearer openings. For homeowners who tend to spend a lot of time in the garden and want to make the most of it, bifolds are by far the most suitable choice.

One less obvious advantage of choosing bi-fold doors is that, by locking from multiple points, they provide even more security than sliding doors, which usually only lock from one point.

Lastly, another major benefit is that they offer the ability to easily install blinds. Overall, bifolding doors are a great choice if you want to bring the outside into your home, while also being very safe and practical.


BF73 Alutech Bifold Doors

Now that we’ve discussed the very basic benefits of standard bifolding doors, let’s get more specific and see what more our BF73 Alutech bifold door profile has to offer!

First and foremost, our class-leading design features set the BF73 Bifolding Door aside from the competition. Slim profile sections to minimise the visible framework and maximise the glass area, is key to their design. More specifically, the Alutech BF73 Door System gives one of the largest sash sizes available, with up to 1200mm width and 3000mm height per pane. Paired with super slim sightlines of just 120mm, you’ll get the best uninterrupted views.

What is more, engineering grade hardware allows for silky smooth opening and closing operation, without having to pay a premium price.

Our doors are made of aluminium and thus are among the best-insulated on the market, thanks to advanced thermal break technology, which prevents cold transfer. They also require very little maintenance to ensure optimal performance and to keep them looking good as new.

Finally, all our doors come with a 10-year manufacturers’ guarantee for complete peace of mind.


Sliding Doors

While sliding doors do not open out fully, they do tend to be made up of larger panes of glass compared to bifolding doors. As a result, they offer maximum amount of light and wonderful views all year long when they are closed.

Moreover, sliding doors are the most space-saving doors, as they work within their existing framework without taking up any space in your room. These characteristics of sliding doors, in addition to them being usually less expensive, make them a good option for most homes in the UK.


All-in-one, versatile System

Whether it’s a sliding door, single door, bifolding door, French door or window, they can all be fabricated from the same BF73 system. It’s so versatile that it can cater for projects that call for shaped frames, fixed frames, sidelights, astragal bars, blinds in glass and can even be used as an entrance door with optional panel inserts! Moreover, it can be double glazed or triple glazed according to needs.

Lastly, all BF73 sashes are available in 3 profile designs: square, textured square and curved. Choose square for a classic look or textured square for a more contemporary alternative. And, if you’re looking to complement a property’s existing windows, then opt for our newest addition, the curved sash.


If you are still not sure about which door will benefit you or your customers the most, we are here to help you. Get in touch with our friendly sales team on 01924350110 or at sales@alutechsystems.co.uk to find out what Alutech Systems can do for you.

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