Digital Strategy, Content Production & Technical Marketing

Alutech are an ambitious brand with a great reputation, looking to do great things in their market. As such, it was no surprise that they would choose to work with Boss Digital, a leading digital agency with a track record for helping exciting brands disrupt long established B2B markets.

Boss Digital are a small team of B2B marketing experts., specialising in:

  • B2B Digital Strategy – following extensive research we collaborate with the client to build out their brand identity, from vision and mission statements to market position and value proposition. The brand identity is defined not only in terms of its aesthetic qualities but also in terms of its personality, values and product features and benefits. This identity is then translated into a content strategy, which invariably includes both an ambitious long term goal and a framework for day to day activity. The next step is channel activity, which in most B2B markets is likely to include SEO, LinkedIn, Email, webinars, interviews and offline events. And finally, there is the KPI strategy, which defines both the metrics monitored and the reporting process, which in turn feeds back into the evolving strategy.
  • Content delivery and distribution – from monthly content calendars for use on social media, to large content assets such as eguides, white-papers and blog posts, we typically seek to create one or two substantial assets a month for our clients before distributing them across all the relevant digital channels, as outlined in the strategy. Often this may include video or design/illustrative work.
  • Technical marketing – given our emphasis on digital, there is a strong technical dimension to everything we do. Whether it’s writing code for new websites, adjusting tracking code for analytics purposes, or managing the various digital ad platforms, our technical team work hard to ensure the great content created can have the greatest possible impact.

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