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Get Ready for Winter with Alutech

With winter fast approaching and autumn fully settling in you may start to feel the effects of the colder months in your home and office. These effects can be either helped or hindered by your window and door systems. You may be due a thermally insulating and water-tight upgrade, something our Aluminium systems can provide.

Aluminium first became popular within the fenestration market in the mid-1970s available only as highly conductive window and door frames which lacked both lustre and efficiency. Some years later and aluminium has undergone a makeover. Technological advancement accompanied by innovative design and development has resulted in aluminium windows and doors taking a commending stance in durability, resistance to corrosion, frame strength and thermal efficiency. Despite its humble conductive beginnings, today, aluminium is the perfect fabrication choice to keep you warm this winter.

Thermal Efficiency

As temperatures drop into the single digits ensuring you have thermally efficient window and door frames is a priority for many of us in the UK. Our thermally broken, and polyamide and foam filled systems will not only keep you warm this winter they can maintain indoor temperatures. In turn, reducing the amount of energy used on heating a space. Available in both double and triple glazing options, our systems hold excellent thermal values with values as low as 1.0 U W/m2k for our SL 160 Lift and Slide Doors and 0.96 U W/m2k for our W 72 Windows both in triple-glazing.

The W 72 glazing chamber is able to accommodate highly energy-efficiency glazing up to 58 mm in depth. With a 34mm wide polyamide thermal break and middle EPDM seal chamber, thermal convection and conduction through the sections is kept to a minimum.

Weather Resistance

Though you may be wishing for a white Christmas you may not wish for the effects of snow and cold on your windows and doors. Temperature fluctuations can cause warping on doors. When the atmosphere on the opposing sides of a door is different, stress is placed on one side of the door which is not balanced on the other side, leading to expansion. This is particularly the case with timber frames which expand and contract in response to moisture and temperature changes. With its added strength, Aluminium is much less likely to warp or rot than uPVC or timber doors and can withstand the external pressures and stresses extreme weather can cause.

Aluminium framing is built to last and is effectively resistant to corrosion. Our systems are finished in a thick powder coating, which obtains a dense finish that is more durable and longer-lasting than the conventional paint used in many uPVC installations. Our water-tight systems are ensured to keep you warm and dry this winter. Our BF 73 bifold door sash gaskets overlap the system’s outer frame, both at the top and bottom. This increases the outside weather seal when wind pressure is applied.

Scenic Views

It’s the time of year when leaves change colour and crisp chilly days boast beautiful autumnal and winter settings. Make the most of these views by incorporating large glazing into your property. Aluminium’s combination of light weight and strength can support large, heavy glass panes that promote panoramic views throughout a structure.

Our aluminium bifold and sliding door systems are a great way to incorporate scenic views into a property by transforming an entire wall space into glazing. Our 120mm bifolding door system sightlines are one of the slightest available, placing our BF 73 as slimmer than 68% of bifold systems on the market.

Natural Light

Vitamin D has been linked to many health benefits such as supporting a healthy immune system, helping fight against disease and increasing our overall mood and wellbeing which can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Our greatest source of Vitamin D is from sunlight. In winter, when daylight hours are shorter and we spend less time outdoors it’s important to make the most of natural light both indoors and out.

Our glazing systems allow natural light to flood into a property which, here in the UK, we take as much as we can get. Large glazing can also conserve energy via increased solar gain. As maximising direct sunlight into your home can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and light a space. Our BF7 3 sash sizes are available up to 3000 mm high or up to 1200 mm wide and up to 3400mm high or 3235 mm wide for SL 160. Enabling us to provide optimal lighting to both commercial and domestic properties.

For more information on what Alutech Systems can do for you this winter, email or call one of our friendly sales representatives on 01924 350110.


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