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Keep the cold out with Aluminium Doors and Windows


Aluminium is considered by Alutech Systems the material of choice for doors, windows and even curtain walling. Our Alutech BF73 system of Single doors, French doors, Bifold doors and more, stand out from competition. Whether you are a door and window fabricator, installer, or homeowner, you might be wondering if aluminium doors and windows are a better choice compared to the also popular, but often cheaper, uPVC.

Ultimately, you might be wondering whether aluminium doors and windows are the right products to keep the cold out of your home all year round.

The answer is yes.


Thermal Efficiency

Aluminum is known for being a good conductor, but it is also a great insulator, as it reflects the radiation of heat back to its source, similarly to the way aluminium foil keeps your food warm. More specifically, the BF73 Aluminium System by Alutech, available in both double and triple glazing options, holds excellent thermal values and it stands out for its thermal efficiency.

With impressive insulation values of down to 1.4 U W/m2k for double glazing and 1.2 U W/m2k for triple glazing, as well as maximum weatherproofing, you can stay assured that either a double and triple glazed set of bifold doors will keep your home as warm and comfortable as possible! At the same time, our BF 73 Aluminium System is fitted with a thermal block to improve and control indoor temperatures. The compelling technology of the glass doors is guaranteed to stop any draughts, rain, and cold from creeping through, with Alutech’s water-tight systems that are ensured to keep any room dry.

For instance, the BF73 bifold door sash gaskets overlap the system’s outer frame, both at the top and bottom. This increases the outside weather seal when wind pressure is applied. All these factors together make sure that you stay cosy while benefiting from lower energy bills!



Keep the cold out, but the light in

Vitamin D has been linked to many benefits both for our physical and mental health. Our greatest source of vitamin D is from sunlight; in winter, due to daylight hours being shorter and us spending less time outdoors, it is important to make the most of natural light both indoors and out.

Alutech glazing systems allow natural light to flood into a property which, here in the UK, we take as much as we can get. With sash sizes up to 3000 mm high or up to 1200 mm wide, Alutech Systems can provide optimal lighting to both commercial and domestic properties. Large glazing can also conserve energy via increased solar gain, as maximising direct sunlight into your home can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and light a space. With the continuous increasing of energy bills being one of the biggest challenges for UK households, this is one of bifold doors’ biggest benefits worth considering.

And, last but not least, winter months provide wonderful views, which one can appreciate all year round from the comfort of their living room or an impressive, glazed garden room or garden office.



Careful Installation

Something that all installers and property owners should keep in mind regarding door and window installation, is that it should always be done with attention to detail and extra care, in order to be done correctly. If not, then the door or window could become thermally broken and have less thermal efficiency. Here at Alutech Systems, we have dedicated and experienced staff who teach how to install all our products with maximum accuracy and care.


Alutech Systems is the sole UK distributor for one of the largest extruders of aluminium systems in the world. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding design and specification to make our products stand out from other manufacturers. The BF73 bifolding door can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. Designed for the aesthetics and insulation requirements of a home, with outstanding durability and reliability of a commercial application.

Are you a door and window fabricator or installer? Or just a homeowner interested in keeping your property warm this winter?

For more information on what Alutech Systems can do for you or your business, email or call one of our friendly sales representatives on 01924 350110.

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