Folding/Sliding Door Products

Our range of Bifolding doors, French Doors and Sliding doors are all designed with the philosophy of having the least amount of Aluminium as possible, to maximise the glass area and improve the view. Product strength is key for longevity of the product, coupled with ease of fabrication and installation.


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Folding/Sliding Door Products

Benefits of choosing Alutech Systems

Customer experience

Our philosophy is that of the MD of our company – nothing should be too much trouble. We make it work for our clients and keep it personal

Ease of fabrication

The key to the speed of fabrication is down to our punch tools – by having two punch tools we have saved over an hour to fabricate a door. Less labour increased production/profits.


Before any new client starts manufacturing, we invite you to our training facility to learn the short cuts and be 100% confident with the product.

UK-based service and stock

UK Stock Over £1m of pre-painted stock is stored in the UK ready for immediate delivery. Standard colours include for White, Black, Grey, Mill, Grey on White and Black on White.

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