Garage Door Products

As the world’s largest producer of roller shutter components Alutech components are amongst the highest quality, most rigorously tested and most trusted in the door industry. Approximately 30-50% of all roller garage doors sold in the UK are produced using Alutech components. Many of the large national manufacturers have supply arrangements to receive our range of components from Alutech.


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Garage door products

Benefits of choosing Alutech Systems

Customer experience

We’re challenging the accepted levels of customer service you receive from your suppliers by doing the little things that count a lot

Ease of fabrication

When developing our ranges, we collaborate with our customers and suppliers to benefit from their combined experience


We offer full set up support to all our new fabricator customers, to make the process as smooth as possible

UK-based service and stock

We supply fabricators across the UK with aluminium systems from a world-leading extruder