The New Normal

Like many of us in the UK, here at Alutech Systems, we’re starting to adjust back to normal life, though normal has a whole new meaning. Despite these unprecedented times we’re happy to maintain fantastic lead times on our profile systems of just 5-7 days!

Our low lead times are included on our dual coloured aluminium profile systems in Grey/White and Black/White for Bi-folding & French doors, as well as 7016 Anthracite Grey, textured 7016 Grey, 9016 White, 9005 Black and mill finish. This is largely due to our fantastic fleet of drivers and delivery vehicles, huge storage facility and the hard work and foresight of the entire Alutech team. We have over £1.5 million of stock in our UK distribution warehouse, ready for collection and delivery.

Keeping Deliveries Safe

Using our own drivers and vehicles has also enabled us to implement thorough and streamlined safety measures to keep both our staff and customers protected during the battle against coronavirus. All of our vehicle drives have been provided with the appropriate COVID-19 safety training and equipment for their deliveries. This includes the Personal Protective Equipment of face visors, masks and gloves; Personal Hygiene measures including hand washing stations, and hand wipes, sanitisers and gels; Vehicle Hygiene disinfectant; and Social Distancing by facilitating lone drivers and keeping our employees working within bubbles. We also carry out daily temperature checks to ensure our staff are safe and healthy both within and out of the office.

Keeping Training Virtual

Adjusting to these new times has also changed the way in which we handle our training. We are proud to provide training to all of our new fabricator customers and have established a credible teaching programme within the fenestration industry. However, this all changed when lockdown commenced in March earlier this year. At Alutech Systems, we quickly adjusted to continue our training, virtually. To compliment our existing online training videos we began holding video call training sessions to ensure our current and new customers keep ahead of the game. As part of our new normal going forward, virtual training will continue to be a fantastic addition to our available services. Enabling our friendly and skilled training staff to connect with customers around the country from the comfort of their own warehouse.

If you would like to schedule a safe delivery or get involved in our virtual training, please get in touch on 01924 350110 or email

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