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Weather-Proofing with Alutech 

We recently shared with you how our aluminium systems can protect your home or commercial residence from outside elements and temperatures in winter. With a focus on our thermally broken system design and large sash sizes for increased natural light during the colder and darker seasons.

However, as we in the UK all know, our winters are as wet as they are cold. Luckily, our aluminium systems are as effective in weather-resistance as they are in insulation, and here’s why.

Corrosion Resistance

Aluminium framing is built to last and is effectively resistant to corrosion, as aluminium does not rust due to the oxide layer on its surface. This layer is formed quickly in a process called self-passivation when aluminium is exposed to water. The hard oxide layer is resistant to further corrosion and protects the underlying metal. Enabling protection through the elements of rain and acidity, especially in coastal regions.

Our systems are finished in a thick powder coating, which obtains a dense finish that is more durable and longer-lasting than the conventional paint used in many uPVC installations. Because powder coating does not have a liquid carrier, it can produce a thick coverage without running or sagging. Visual appeal aside, this thick coating creates a robust finish which is highly thermal and UV and corrosion resistant, lasting for many years with minimal maintenance.

Weather Seal

Our water-tight systems are ensured to keep your property dry this winter. For example, our BF73 bifold door sash gaskets overlap the system’s outer frame, both at the top and bottom. This increases the outside weather seal when wind pressure is applied. Furthermore, with our sectional and roller garage doors, Alutech’s unique sealing system offers superior insulation, weather resistance and impact protection. All roller brackets are fully adjustable by the installer, enabling the door to make complete contact with the door seals, eliminating any drafts and ensuring water tightness.


Cills are an essential component for all window and bifolding door systems. The simple yet brilliant design directs water away from the window or door track, effectively keeping interiors dry and leak-free. Our cills’ overhang is also a vital water protection feature. Providing further weather protection to the surrounding walls. The side of a cill is wedged between the left and right of a window, creating a complete weather block at the foundation of the pane. Our range of cills can accommodate a concealed drainage feature from within the chambers, for exceptional hidden weather-proofing.

Our systems and range of cills offer the highest levels of technical performance, designed to be thermally efficient, strong, safe, secure and easy to fabricate and install. For more information on what Alutech Systems can do for you this winter, email or call one of our friendly sales representatives on 01924 350110.

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Weather-Proofing with Alutech 
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