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Why Aluminium is the Metal of Choice for Doors and Windows

Aluminium is the most abundant metal on the planet – but what makes it the material of choice for doors, windows and even curtain walling? Whether you are a door and window fabricator, installer, or homeowner, you might be wondering if aluminium is the best metal to use. Keep reading to discover all the benefits of this extraordinary material.



When alloyed with other elements such as manganese, silicon, copper and magnesium, aluminium becomes an extremely strong material. What is more, the strength of aluminium increases the colder it gets, meaning that aluminium windows, doors and curtain walls can easily cope with UK’s coldest winter temperatures.


Light Weight

Weighting just 2.7 g/cm3, aluminium is one of the lightest metals available in the market. This makes the work of a manufacturer or installer much easier, as well as being ideal for door and window frames. Finally, it is exceptionally important for the construction of curtain walls, as these are not structural and are therefore only able to carry their own weight, so the lighter the better.


Resistant to Corrosion

Aluminium is extremely resistant to corrosion from all the elements of weather; aluminium door or window frames do not normally swell or split over time, even if they are perpetually exposed to extreme weather conditions. Moreover, this metal becomes even more corrosion-resistant when powder coated.


Easy to shape into a Frame

Due to its excellent machinability, aluminium is easy to use for the fabrication of door and window frames with modern, slim lines and great attention to detail. Additionally, because of its strength, this metal can be shaped into exceptionally slim frames, providing a wider, more impressive view.


Environmentally Friendly

Lastly, one great benefit of aluminium for the environment is that it is a fully sustainable, completely and infinitely recyclable material. In fact, around 75% of all Aluminium ever made is still in use! If you are a friend of the environment, this alone is good enough a reason to prefer aluminium over any other material.


Our aluminium, CWCT tested systems are designed to provide the best possible performance, both technically and with ease of installation and fabrication. With its exceptional strength, durability and flexibility there’s no reason not to use aluminium for your fabrication needs. For more information on what Alutech Systems can do for you, give us a call on 01924 350110 or email


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