Why Search Marketing Remains Your Most Powerful Online Channel

The search engines have always been enormously important to fabricators. Not only are they powerful traffic generators, but conversion rates for leads captured via Google are about 5 times higher than leads captured via outbound methods. In fact over 70% of decision makers will begin their research process by heading to Google and making a search query. The question is, will they find you?

Before we explore in detail the factors involved in determining rankings, let’s first of all consider Google’s overarching aim, which is to provide the searcher with the best content from the most trusted brands.

So what do we mean by “best content” – If someone searches for “Fabrication company in London” and we want to rank for it:

  • Do we have a page with content relevant to that search query?
  • Is the page appropriately structured so that Google can make sense of it?
  • Is the content sufficiently detailed to cater to the almost infinite array of intents and expectations the user may have when making that search query? Are they hoping to find pricing information, location details, customer testimonials, links to related resources, etc?
  • Is the content well structured so that it offers a strong user experience? Is the information well displayed and is the design engaging?
  • Does the content load quickly? Does it work well on all different devices and browsers?

For the small proportion of fabrication websites that do effectively address the above challenges, we can then move on to brand. Or to put it another way, when someone searches for “Fabrication company in London”, there are likely to be dozens of other companies that also have decent content that is well structured and coded, so why should Google take yours more seriously than theirs?

The factors that determine this “brand authority” include:

  • The number of inbound links coming into the website. This continues to be probably the single greatest indication of a website’s authority.
  • Social media signals – are people engaging with your brand on social media?
  • Direct / brand traffic – if for every one search of “fabrication company London” three people located in London search for your company name that’s probably a good sign that people in London trust your brand.
  • Engagement – how much time do people spend on the website? Do they view many pages or just bounce straight back out the the search engine results page?

It is tempting to view each of these signals in isolation, and at a tactical level there needs to be an element of that, but ultimately you need to recognise that these are all just different indications of how well the brand is trusted, so if it’s a great business doing great things, both online and offline, then over time these signals will all reflect that. Otherwise, no matter how smart your SEO strategy, you’re always going to have an uphill struggle.

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Why Search Marketing Remains Your Most Powerful Online Channel
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